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December 9, 2015


I had a patient come in with carpel tunnel syndrome that was not sure what to do. He was starting to have a loss of strength and pain in his hands. He told me he did not want to have surgery. So I adjusted and taped his wrists. The next time he came in he was very happy and somewhat surprised at how well he had done. After a couple of weeks he came in with no weakness to be found. He has been very appreciative and always has something positive to say when I see him.

I have a wonderful patient that has had a lot of trouble with her right hand. In fact some days she can't even pick up a pen. Literally she can't get her fingers to grab the pen. One day I came in my office and found a note on my desk that said “Thank you for caring about me. After my last adjustment I was able to play the piano for the first time in a long time.”

My first year in practice, I got a call from a dad in our neighborhood stating that his young daughter, less then a year old, had been on antibiotics for months due to ear infections. The pediatrician had been hoping to get them clear enough to put in tubes. This little girl had never slept through the night and cried often due to the pain. Her father asked me if I could do anything. So they brought the little girl in that afternoon. They left my office about 4:00 PM and were headed to the store. When they got to the store their little girl had fallen asleep, so they went home instead and planned on going back to the store after she woke up. A little before 10:00 as I remember I got a call from the father asking me if they should be worried. He stated that their baby had been asleep in her car seat since they left and had not waken up. He said they had not woken her up to feed or change her because she doesn’t usually sleep long and they wanted her to get some sleep. But she had never slept this long. I told him to take the poor child out of the car seat, change her diaper and feed her. They did, and after she laid back down and slept until about 4 am. We only had a 7 or 10 day window to work with this baby before she was to get a checkup with the pediatrician. I believe I saw her 3 times. She was sleeping through the night, and according to the parents, much more pleasant and happy. The pediatrician looked in her ears and said that is the best we have ever seen them let's schedule her for the surgery. Well what would you do?

One wanted the surgery the other was stating the amazing change that had taken place since that first adjustment. Well they went with the surgery. Yes it broke my heart but I believe parents need to do what they believed is right for their children. About a month later I got another call from the father stating that their little girl had gotten another ear infection and was given another antibiotic, which they had not started. He asked me if there was anything I could do now that the tubes were in her ears. I adjusted her ears again, the little girl did great and did not use the antibiotic.

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