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Chiropractic care is very effective at treating car accident injuries like, whiplash, back pain, neck pain, headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, fatigue, weakness in an upper or lower limb, jaw pain, pain in the face and even sleep disturbances.  Our clinic will help you with pain management and rehabilitation.  Assisting your body in the healing process so you can resume your daily activities.


Chiropractors are musculoskeletal specialists. They have the training to assess and treat problems related to the nerves, muscles, joints and connective tissues of the spine.


Chiropractic care combined with other treatment methods such as acupressure, massage, repetitive traction therapy, decompression, physical therapy, electric stimulation, K-Laser and cervical stabilization help further increase healing and long-term wellness. 


Adjustments help the brain achieve better control of its faculties, improve function and reduce stress.  Proper function will lead to increased healing and reduce future problems by allowing your nerves to function optimally.


Prescription pain killers are effective for providing immediate pain relief.  However, they only “cover up” a patient’s pain, and are not a long-term pain management solution. Chiropractic care for auto accident injuries can help short-term and long-term. 


What if the paramedics tell you that you are not injured enough to go to the hospital, but you still don’t feel quite right? You do not need to be in a major accident to sustain serious damage to the musculoskeletal system. Injuries at speeds as slow as 5mph can still cause a cervical spine injury, causing a painful whiplash injury.  It can be subtle enough to change the natural movements of the spine, leading to future issues. Unfortunately, since a fender bender is considered a “minor” accident, accident victims typically delay seeking treatment – which can lead to a lifetime of health problems.  Prompt care makes a difference!


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries sustained in automobile accidents. Whether the impact occurs from the front or the rear, your neck is usually the most vulnerable area of your body in any motor vehicle accident. Car collisions involve rapid changes in acceleration and deceleration. Your body is held relatively still by a seat belt, whereas your head and neck are free to move. 


This typically results in the neck moving very rapidly through an excessive range of motion, contributing to hyperflexion-hyperextension injuries that can affect soft tissues in the neck, as well as joint capsules and intervertebral discs. Whiplash is the name often associated with car accident neck injuries.


Headaches and migraines can be caused by whiplash, head injuries or other types of car accident injury. Headaches may appear when your neck is damaged because the stress or strain on your neck muscles can cause pain to radiate to your head. Head injuries or trauma to your head can cause headaches and migraines. If you are experiencing headaches after your car accident, then you should get treated as soon as possible so that your headache pain does not become permanent.

We will work with the auto insurance so there is no out of pocket expense to you regardless if you were at fault or not, a driver or passenger, or even if you were driving someone else’s car.  Don’t wait any longer, call Dr. Lowry now at (801) 756-3888.  The Chiropractor/Lowry Health and Wellness can help you restore your health!

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